Jeff's Personal Story as an Artist

Write up for Amazing Sandbox web site 2016

This is the story as Jeff tells it, the day that Jeff decided that he would spend his life as an Artist.

The day it all started;

The sun was warm that autumn morning, it had already warmed the cement top to the Storm cellar where I sat
down ready to draw that ancient almost branchless cedar tree.
It always held my imagination since it was all that was left by the tornado that destroyed Grandpa's original house
that stood next to it 12 years before.

Prepared with line paper and a sharp pencil I started drawing every crack, crevice, twist, texture and knot. I drew
every shadow of this lonely old tree. I got lost in the drawing, its as if the tree and I were connected in some
wonderful way, a way I had not experienced before.

I was interested, fascinated, mesmerized by every little detail and nuance. I noticed how the wind had sculpted every
twist and turn. How even in the stumps of old broken limbs there was a wonderful beauty.

Later the afternoon sun cast a shadow and chill over the storm cellar and me. I was alone with my drawing, my
aunt apparently left hours before without me even noticing. My magnificent drawing was complete. To me it
looked great and I felt awesome. Although I had been there for hours it seemed as if it was only minutes the time
flew by.

I knew that autumn day of my 10th year I would spend the rest of my life chasing that feeling. I knew all I ever
wanted was to be an artist to create and be creative. That decision has turned into a compulsion and a lifetime

My first real art job at 16 years old was as a Commercial Artist for the retail store Carson Pierrie Scott. I did pen and
ink drawings and washes for their newspaper advertising. I designed and built floor and window displays, made and
printed signs, etc..

Later became a Journeyman Machinist, Tool designer, Tool maker, CNC Programmer, Engineer, Auctioneer, Operations
Manager, Plant Manager. I have  2 Black Belts in Six Sigma, currently run 3 businesses and I create all kinds of
art and artwork everyday.

I'm a self taught artist. Skilled in lots of different media, including; oil, acrylic and water color painting. Scrimshaw.
Stone, clay, wood, metal and composite sculptures, Stained, fused, wire wrap, hand-blown and sculptural glass.
I've made guns, designed and built custom furniture, an expert in making Indian art and artifacts and a skilled potter.

Current projects include;
High Quality dichroic glass shaped pendants and cabochons and manufacturing The Amazing Hairwraps.

My personal Mission;
Is to make this world a more positive and beautiful place. To leave a legacy of achievements to
enlighten, enrich and motivate current and future generations. To have and enjoy excellent health. To be very wise
and wealthy having an actual cash value of …….. and to help others achieve the same. To put into motion the
elements of success that will be self perpetuating. To insure and/or guarantee increased continued wealth, success
hope, health and happiness for myself,  my family, my colleagues, my community and to worthy charities. To Learn
and discover important new talents, skills, ideas and things every day.

Most of all to be happy, to be fun to be around and with. To create and be creative.